Engagement Story Contest

I’ve decided to extend our contest to the end of the month! Keep those stories coming, folks! 🙂

Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to pop the question.  Keeping that in mind, I have decided to run my first blog contest.  Post a comment with your engagement story.  The best story wins a free portrait session.  Everyone who enters receives a $50 coupon toward any photography booking.  This contest will run until the end of the week, and I will announce the winner next Monday.

Congratulations!  And happy Valentine’s Day!


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 16, 2009.

21 Responses to “Engagement Story Contest”

  1. Scott took me, my best friend and her boy friend to Miyabis on Valentines Day. It is a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. He did not request a particular place so they sat all of us in the room where you sit on the floor with your feet under the table. When the room was full of people and the chefs where about to start cooking he gets one bended knee, but then he was taller then me (because everyone was on the floor) it was so cute becuase he was so nerveous and that just wasn’t in his plans. Finally he just stands me up then gets on bended knee again. His parents, family, and my parents even walk in the room. Everyone was in on it! Infront of everyone he pulls this beautiful box (about the size of a puzzel) wrapped in fabric and decorated very nice. Opens it up and there are rose petals with a ring box in the middle. He pulls out the box and said “will you be my wife”. I started crying my eyes out, hug him and say “of course I will!”. This was our 8th valentines day together! Happier than could be!

  2. Well, since I asked, I guess I can share as well:
    It was near my birthday (which is near Christmas as you know if you read my birthday blog), and Nathan had a friend graduating from Tennessee Tech, so we went to Cookeville so he could see her graduate, and I went with Robin and Melissa, two dear friends from high school, and Robin’s mom Paula to a museum in Nashville as my birthday gift from Robin.

    Wait, it started before then… Nathan had been talking about diamonds for months. Scientists had invented man made diamonds that were so perfect that the only way to tell the difference between them and real diamonds was the fact that they were perfect. They were using them in computers. Should have been a heads up, but I was TOTALLY clueless! Back to the actual day…

    We (the girls) got back from a full day of fun in Nashville, and Nathan told me he and his dad had been at jewelry stores looking for an opal ring for Sara for Christmas. Now, opal is my favorite stone, but it’s soft, so they are limited in the kinds of settings which I knew because I couldn’t get an opal class ring in high school. Nate said they had failed at finding a ring for Sara. Too bad.

    Back to before the story, Nathan & I had decided to move from Atlanta to Knoxville and buy a house sometime that fall, but I didn’t expect him to actually marry me just because we were buying property together. Back to the story…

    We had a lovely ride home from Cookeville to Atlanta, with 3.5 hours of what in hind-sight should have been obvious red flags. But I wasn’t even thinking such things. We got home and settled down for some dinner in front of the fire. Over a glass of wine, Nathan asked if I wanted to open an early birthday present. WELL, YES! I thought he had a DVD or some such piece of entertainment for us to go enjoy.

    He instructed me to close my eyes (the room was already pretty dark) and put out my hand. Suddenly, I had a suspicious feeling box sitting in my palm. I tried to peek, but like I said, it was dark. FINALLY he told me I could open my eyes, and I saw the box I had managed to convince myself (in the 30 seconds I’d been holding it) had really nice earrings or something of the sort in it. But when I popped that sucker open, what else but a sparkly ring! Well, I just lost it! He asked me to marry him and all he got was giggling. I managed to get a yes out somehow, but I didn’t stop giggling for days. He was mighty surprised at the sudden girly turn.

    You can read my blog from the actual event here as well.

  3. My family friend has a great story where her father was a Catholic Church Father and fell in love with a nun. They got married and still going strong.

  4. When Steve and I started dating four years ago, I made if very clear that the idea of marriage terrified me and it would be a long time before I would even consider it. He, however, is one of the most patient men in the world; he respected how I felt while dropping hints that he intended to… well, keep me forever. Steve is also not the type of guy who wants to conform to other people’s expectations or do what everyone else does. All that being said, I really wasn’t expecting a proposal to come anytime soon.

    Now, we’ve both had a stressful start to the year, so I was heartened when Steve told me that he would have Valentine’s Day off work. He also told me that he’d made dinner reservations, and I was in charge of picking something else to do. We have both been really exhausted lately, so I opted for a quiet day at home before dinner. Steve broke out his suit and I pulled out one of my gowns (from being in other people’s weddings), and we got dressed to the nines. My guy cleans up nice! He looked fantastic on Saturday.

    The dinner reservations were at Sam’s Steakhouse, a fantastically nice (and pricey) restaurant, which serves excellently prepared food and has consistently stellar service. (Steve is a chef, so these things are important if we’re going to be paying a lot for a meal.) Sam’s is one of those places where you can eat slow and enjoy your food and your company. We had three courses and a bottle of wine. I can’t remember the last time we had such a relaxed stress-free evening to ourselves. Full of good food and wine, I requested that we just go home. I didn’t really want to go somewhere loud for cocktails when I was already super fuzzy and wanted to enjoy having Steve all to myself.

    When we got home, Steve disappeared somewhere, while I gave a whiny puppy some attention. As far as I was concerned Valentine’s Day was pretty much over. I was too tired for a movie, so I went about making sure the animals were happy and got ready for bed.

    Steve, ever patient, had lulled me into a false sense of security. When he turned off the bedroom lights, I saw that he had written “Will you marry me?” on the wall, in glow-in-the-dark paint. He put an arm around me, and held up a ring box, looking at me expectantly. I was so surprised that I couldn’t say anything. I just whispered “oh my god” and started crying. I finally remembered to say, “Yes.” He turned the light on (so I could actually see the ring) and he slipped it on my finger. Steve told me it’s cute how girls cry when their happy, and then added, “at least, I hope you were crying because you’re happy.” I’ve been sort of twitterpated for the last four days. He keeps laughing at me; apparently he didn’t expect my reaction to be quite so… girly.

  5. Alan and I dated long distance for over 2 years before I took the plunge and moved to Knoxville to be closer to him. We are both runners and usually end up doing the same races, but last March I headed home to Chattanooga for a race while Alan went to N.C. for a different race. It was a busy weekend. I was helping a friend at the shoe store I shop at by carrying a box of transfers down to a Chattanooga store, so I had a lot of running around to do.

    Finally, race morning came! It was one of those days were everything comes together and I actually placed 3rd overall. After calling me up for my award, the race director said that he had an additional award for me as the hottest female runner. I thought it was some kind of joke.

    Inside the envelope was a clue leading me to my parents’ house. When I got there my dad said I had a letter that just came in the mail. Another clue. This time leading me to my old apartment. The rest of the day was spent going to places that had been important in our relationship… the ice cream shop where we had our first date, my church, the site of the race we finally exchanged numbers at, Athens where we used to meet half way, and finally Vonore, TN at the site we first met. At that time I didn’t even get his name and never knew that he would become part of my life. At each stop, there were little mementos he had saved of our times together, little notes of love, a few picture, and lots of memories. At the final stop he was waiting for me. It was a rainy drizzly day, but he got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, I said yes!!!!

    Later he asked if I had figured out how he got all the clues to Chattanooga. It occurred to me that maybe he had not been in N.C. after all so I guessed that he had done it. No, I carried everything down myself in a box marked shoe transfer!!! The rest was taken care of by my two best friends.

  6. Michelle,
    That is awesome!! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sitting in Panera getting misty-eyed! 🙂

  7. Amanda,
    This one reminds me a bit of my own (in terms of the total cluelessness). I love it! Surprises are the best (including the surprise that apparently a girly girl lives deep down in all of us and seems drawn by sparkly things and proposals of marriage) 😉

  8. Brenda,
    I love it when they get nervous. It’s just so cute! I love that your family was there for it too!

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  10. I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend, so I planned a weekend away at Biltmore Estates in North Carolina to see the Christmas lights. We rented a room and went out that night just exploring. The next day we went to Biltmore Estates. I had been there before but he had not. We took the tour and went to the gardens. Then he said “lets walk up to that statue over looking the house” I of course was worn out from all the walking and didn’t want to go. We went anyway and when we got to the statue he said ” Why don’t you sit be side the statue and I’ll take your picture” So I did and then he said “what is over there honey?” I turned to look and when I looked back he was down on one knee with my ring, and asked me if I would marry him. I threw my purse down and started to cry while screaming YES!!

  11. Amy,
    I love that! Nathan never falls for the “hey what’s over there,” but it’s one of my favorite tricks anyway! Your story left me with a huge grin!

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  13. It’s one of my not so busy days, so thought I would take the time to share. It’s been almost (March 26th) 21 years of marriage for Mark and I, (26 years together total) through rearing children/grandchildren and many ups and downs, and to this day, I still remember and tear up at thoughts about the day he proposed. Mark & I had been dating for almost 5 years, almost ended it twice. After about 2 months being back together, we were going to Chili’s on KP with my 2 children and friends to celebrate one of the friends birthdays. At the last minute, he called and said they couldn’t make it, so we would just go anyway. The children and I arrived and we had a nice dinner and then decided to go get a frozen yogurt. We walked around the U, got yogurt, eating as we walked to the other side of the U where there was a tennis shop owned by some friends of Mark’s. As we came to the window, and were looking in, my son (8) saw a sign in the window and started to read it. It was on the old computer paper that was one long sheet and the message read… “Jyl, will you marry me… Mark”. I stared in disbelief, tears building, and he pulled the box out of his pocket and gave it to me. I couldn’t open it, so he did, and there was the most beautiful ring! He put it on my finger and we hugged, all the while my 8 year old son is dancing around sharing with people walking by… “he just asked my mom to marry him!” Over and over again! My daughter (6) was just hugging my leg. Mark said he was so afraid my son or daughter would discover the box in his pocket at dinner and ask him what it was! Thanks Claire, for the opportunity to remminisce.

  14. I know its too late, but

    It had been a busy night. I was up until 1:30 just getting everything ready, and then of course I couldn’t sleep. But I had my alarm set for 5:45, so I could wake up, shower, and swing by her place before she woke up.
    I awoke suddenly, light streaming in through my window. What time was it? I scrambled down my bed and checked my phone. 7:10. 7:10?! Eliza normally picks her up for work at 7:15! I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes, ran over to her place, and let myself in. Sonya was in her closet, getting dressed.
    “What are you doing here?!” She said with her usual tact upon being surprised.
    “You’re not going to work today,” I replied simply.
    “Yes I am.”
    “I have a meeting.”
    As she sat there in shock, I continued.
    “We need to leave at 10, so you have until then to send any work emails that you need to. If there is anything important that needs to get done, Eliza knows whats going on, you can tell her and she will take care of it. You’ll need to wear some comfortable clothes and shoes you’re willing to get muddy.”
    I gave her a kiss and left her as she was still trying to find her voice. Back at my apartment, I finished packing, grabbed the pack her friend had packed for her, and finished up a few last minute errands.
    When I arrived to pick her up, she was putting on makeup.
    “Do you want to know what we’re doing next?” I asked.
    She still seemed to be trying to find her voice, so I said, “Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. We’re going to go out to the car, and drive back by my place, then Stephen (my roommate) is going to drive us to O’Hare. So, what I need you to do is gather up any toiletries you might need.”
    She bustled around distractedly, eventually getting all her toiletries together, then asked, “Do I need to pack any clothes?”
    “Nope, its all been taken care of.”
    We got in the car, picked up my roommated and headed on our way to O’Hare. From the back seat, I asked her to close her eyes. After she did, I slipped a big picture book of Costa Rica in front of her, then told her she could look.
    “You’re joking me!” she exclaimed.
    We flew from Chicago to Dallas, then to San Jose, Costa Rica. The next day we flew down to the beach at Manuel Antonio. After a day on the beach, we climbed a big rock to watch the sunset. From my backpack, I pulled out a journal we had kept together, passing back and forth and writing to each other. I had drilled a hole through the last few empty pages, and put the ring in there. She had eyed the ring at an antique store, and I had secretly gone back to get it.
    I asked her to open to the page with the bookmark, and when she did, I asked her, “Sonya, will you marry me?”
    Somehow, even with the elaborate trip, she was still surprised. But she said yes. And, after that, we had a full week to spend in Costa Rica together, enjoying the sun and the time with our new fiances.

  15. WOW! That’s awesome! Also great to get a story from the guy’s side! I bet you guys had a great week. It’s like a pre-wedding honeymoon. I think more of us should try that method. 🙂

  16. So sweet! I love your kids responses too!

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