What to do with a totally open weekend?

Well, we could travel.  We could hang out with friends.  We could go on a date.  We could catch up on work.  We could totally veg out.  There are so many things we could be doing this weekend.  Tomorrow is Super Bowl with Aly & fam, so “hang out with friends” is covered.  Last night we stayed up late and Nate played Ninja Gaiden while I worked on new photography contract wording.  Veg out and catch up on work, double check.  Travelling?  Not so check.  Because we spent today cleaning up around the house, going through our clothes to make bags of clothes we don’t wear anymore for friends and donations.  Now we are tackling the ridiculous stack of DVDs & CDs that are either unlabeled, mysteriously labeled, or just in the wrong spot.  It’s not that exciting, but these disks have been piling up in the corner of Nate’s office for about 6 months now.  We find them in boxes as we continue the third year of unpacking or under a pile of paperwork.  Of course, I’m a recovering pack rat, so every time Nathan asks if I think we should get rid of a disk, I get all antsy.  We don’t NEED all of these disks.  I don’t need a disk of 100 web-sized sample files from weddings 5 years ago when I have the raw files double backed up and safely stored away.  But what if something happened, and I NEEDED the disk!  Oh woe is me!  I will rue the day.  Of course, I have newer sample images and a completely different system.  I don’t need 3 copies of my old information packet samples.  I did enjoy watching some of the movies we made from our road trip to Denver in 2007.  That was fun.

Quick note!  I just remembered something!  You can recycle old DVDs & CDs with http://cdrecyclingcenter.org  I just signed up.  🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 31, 2009.

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