Playing catch up

So last week was a blast.  We drove up for the inauguration and froze our butts off, then we came home and tried to put our life back in order (we’re still a mess from our holiday extravaganza regional tour).  So it’s Monday, and I’m slowly digging my way back out.  I had 30 emails and 23 voicemails to wade through.  Luckily lots of those were junk or just friends saying “hi.”  Whew!  I’m done with the emails and half way through the voicemails, so now it’s time to look at all of the CDs of images I need to deliver from recent events.  Tomorrow is print order day, so it will be perfect to get everything in the mail at once.

A funny little event (and remember it’s just me and the animals here, so funny to me might be a little skewed).  Alfred & I were sitting in my office, me working, Alfred curled up in his bed.  India was doing his mournful wail downstairs, so I called him and then waited.  Nothing but some plastic rustling and more wailing.  After a few attempts, I finally got up to go find him.  He was wandering in Nathan’s office.  He’s plastic bag victim was abandoned at the bottom of the stairs.  When he saw me, he gave me the most pitiful meow, so I scooped him up and carried him into my office.  Alfred, being the helpful pup he is, came with me to retrieve his friend (and I use the term friend in the loosest sense of the word).  When we got into the office, I set India down and settled back in for more work.  As I set India down, I warned Alfred that he might want to hop back into his bed before he lost it.  Alfred is just so trusting, he sat and stared at India who marched right up and settled back in.  Then Alfred looked at me like, “Didn’t see that coming.”


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 26, 2009.

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