Ever had a weird dream about your cat?

I do every so often.  The last one involved Rupert (the black and white fluffy one on diet food, not the black one that almost died).  Rupert can be a bit skittish sometimes, and I can only assume this dream stemmed from that.  In the dream, Rupert had gotten out of the house and was running in the street.  Of course, it wasn’t our quiet little cul-de-sac.  Nope, it was a 5 lane highway with cars speeding both ways.  I ran out to save him while Nathan yelled at me to not run in the road.  I definitely paused to look both ways before running into on coming traffic, and Rupert seemed okay in the middle lane until someone bumped him and he went flying, doing a quadruple backflip before landing.  He got up and scampered down the road with me hot on his trail.  At one point he stopped and looked back, but as soon as I was close enough to grab him, he took off again.  Eventually I caught him, but he was all beat up, so I took him home to prepare for a trip to the vet.  And here’s where the dream goes awry.  Instead of rushing my injured cat to the vet, I decide to walk several blocks away for lunch.  In the back of my head, I knew if I didn’t hurry, Rupert would die, but who can rush to the vet on an empty stomach, so off I went.  On the way back, the street I needed to take home was blocked off by construction.  Apparently we lived on a college campus (or an area that resembled such) and there was a new building going up in my usual cut through.  I suppose I must have taken a longer lunch than I had planned, because the ground was dug up for blocks and everything was surrounded by chain link fencing.  Not only was the ground dug up, there was a GIANT hole on the other side of the fence, so even if I climbed it, I would be in a huge mud pit surrounded by construction equipment.  My friend Raeus was on my side of the fence telling me I needed to hurry, but I just couldn’t get across.  I felt so guilty for going to lunch before the vet and woke up before I could resolve anything.

So, anyone have an analysis for me?



~ by rebeccaclaire on January 22, 2009.

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