Heading home

We are on our way home now. This was a fantastic trip. I am so glad we came. My mom is incredibly jealous.

Not only did I have a fantastic inauguration, but I really enjoyed spending time with some friends we hadn’t seen in years.

Melissa and Bryce were so generous to open their home to us and my friend Sarah. We had fun hanging out and Mel is such a good mommy making sure we had enough layers and food and a plan (which kept evolving due to the insanity that was yesterday). Sarah, Melissa’s sister was our local guide and kept us on track and located on the map. We wouldn’t have made it without her.

I had never really hung out with Sarah as an adult. She had always been Melissa’s little sister. Turns out she is awesome. We had such a great time hanging out.

After the ceremony, the wind really picked up and a chilly day became painfully cold. We decided to find some warm food before heading home. Urban Spoon recommended Thai Place at 2134 Pennsylvania Ave. It was Fantastic!! I enjoyed hanging out and listening to the conversations around us. Sarah M. got to really get to know Sarah (Mel’s sister) and Adam. I think the Sarahs and Bryce may go sight seeing tomorrow.

We got a bunch of free pretzels at the inauguration, so we gave two bags to a homeless guy. The metro station was packed with people outside and workers with megaphones telling people not to push. A nice lady told us which station to use since that line was behind and they were limiting the number of people on the platform because a lady was hit by a train earlier in the day (she survived).

We lucked out for our yellow line connection. We got to the platform as the train pulled up and the whole platform sighed. It was completely empty and we all got seats. I love mass transit.

I was pretty pumped despite getting up super early, but everyone else took a nap. We looked for Bryce in the parade, but they didn’t spend much time on the Navy band.

Nathan and I met my friend Nicole and her boyfriend for dinner in Old Town. I hadn’t seen Nicole since 1993 despite both living in Atlanta at the same time. It was great to catch up. Dinner was at Austins and dessert at Bilbo Baggins. Yum!

So we had a great trip and are now on our way home. Hopefully the print order will arrive soon so I can get those sent out. Nathan has some jobs to finish up. Also, I will be at the Club LeConte bridal show on Saturday. It’s by invitation only, so if you want to go, let me know and I’ll get you a ticket.

Back to life. Back to reality. A happy and hopeful reality.


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 21, 2009.

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