Inauguration Day

A train has died on the rail ahead, so we are sitting on a train crammed full of laughing, almost giddy people. Nate, Sarah M and I are seated together. Adam and Melissa’s sister Sarah are beyond a sea of bodies. A little boy in green is passed out in his mother’s arms. I think Nate is catching some extra zzz’s.

We got on at the end of the line, thus the seats. Sarah’s empty seat was filled by a nice lady from Georgia. Gainesville to be exact. I mentioned my mom lived there and worked for a school. One member of her group sitting another row behind asked her name. Turns out not only does she know my mom, she knows my name! That’s hilarious. I’ve been looking for people I know, but I didn’t expect to see someone who knows mom. Small world.


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 20, 2009.

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