Road trip to the White House

We are on the road to DC. Looks like we made a good decision waiting until today to leave. The roads are dry and salty with no sign of bad weather. The signs of recent road hazzards lay crumpled, alone and in small groups. One car was backwards, butt uphill, with an SUV upsidedown snuggled up passanger sides together. There was another truck that didn’t make the on ramp. I’m not certain where the back tire was, but it wasn’t where I’d expected, i.e. on the truck.

We stopped for lunch at Subway. I have a couple of full subway cards somewhere. When I mentioned that to Adam, he laughed. Apparently they quit with the subclub cards four years ago. They also replaced the little round roll sandwiches with “mini” subs. I ate way more Subway than I ever wanted in college and generally avoid the place.

There seems to be a required length for your wait, and Nathan and I didn’t meet it, so once our sandwiches were ready, the girl at the register abandoned us to make a sandwich fir the next guy while the last who made our sanwiches tidied the condiments. It was odd.

I did learn about the new “history in the mixing” inauguration flavor. Pretty tasty!

Somewhere in the middle of Virginia, we started to see snow. The sky was a creamy blue grey. Almost a blueberry yogurt swirl. It felt much colder, and then, every so often the clouds would break and warm, golden, late afternoon sun rays broke across the hills. The cold blue made the golden hour light glow even more.

A man watching TV on his sun visor flew past us and the backs of the semi trucks began to look like dragon faces. That’s when the thirst began. I tried to finish my empty drink three times before taking it out if the cup holder.

Lucky for us, Nathan started paying attention to his dash and realized it was a good time for a gas stop. Gas here is a good ten cents higher. Bummer.

We stopped at a Citgo/Wendys and got fuel for the car and the people. My side salad was decent and a close approximation of what I wanted. Adam bought a lottery ticket and was short an AR to win. We found it amusing that it was his initials that spelled his downfall (or lack if windfall, I suppose). I picked up a $1 ticket on my way out and doubled my money which I immediately reinvested in a $2 ticket. I usually pick my ticket based on the return for your investment. My first ticket capped at $2000. My new one is worth $20,000. Hope I win. I have a camera on my “want list.”

The girl at the pump next to ours was messing with the back of her car. Nathan thinks she was switching her license plate, so we decided she was a spy. It was all very cloak and dagger.

We have about an hour until we get to Melissa’s. Nate ate all the gummy peaches. Probably just as well. I didn’t need all that sugar.


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 18, 2009.

One Response to “Road trip to the White House”

  1. My work computer setup is so archaic I can’t watch the innaugeration! So I’ve been refreshing your page ^^

    This is awesome! No more SHRUB!


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