Skinny Bitch (the book)

I recently read the book Skinny Bitch, not because I feel I need to change my eating habits or diet, I’m pretty satisfied with my current look (although I could use a bit more exercise), but because I really liked the no-nonsense voice.  It’s pretty straightforward, if you want to be skinny, don’t eat crappy food.  I get it.  I do it.  We did go through a brief Krystal kick at the end of the year, but that is really quite out of character.  But then they kept going.  You can’t be skinny if you eat rotting carcass (meat) or any animal products.  Really?  I mean, I have a friend who is skinny (yet healthy) and eats way more animal products than I do.  Then I delved a bit further and realized that they were using the desire to be thin as a platform for their vegan beliefs.

I do not have any issue with people who wish to be vegan.  I think it requires great skill to avoid animal products in this world of unnamed additives.  I am not a vegan.  I thought about being a vegetarian when I was 12 (my ex-step-dad said they wouldn’t buy any food for me and being 12, I realized the difficulty of attaining food on my own both monetarily and transportationaly, so, pragmatist that I am, I kept eating lots of veggies and some meat).  For some reason people always assume I’m a vegetarian.  It’s actually very entertaining to serve up a slice of dead cow in front of them.  I love a good surprise.

Anyway, I will not be taking the Skinny Bitch approach to eating any time soon.  Nathan & I have lessened the amount of meat we eat and focus more on veggies and such, but I love sushi and granola with local, pasture-fed, non-homogenized milk, and cheese (which is apparently addictive, go figure).  We avoid “conventional” meat (and most any other “conventional food” when we can get local and preferably organic, although there is a question as to the organic standards and “factory organic.”), and if I can’t pronounce it or define it, I try not to eat it.  Skinny Bitch is an animal rights manifesto.  I think The Omnivore’s Dilemma is more informative on topics such as factory farming and weird food additives.

Spring boarding off the “self-improvement” topic that’s somewhere in here, I will now switch to an only marginally related topic; people who say “I don’t take good pictures.”  Well great!  That’s what I’m here for.  I just finished editing headshots from yesterday, and I must say, the majority of the lovely women I photographed profess to dislike pictures of themselves.  Why!?  You’re beautiful!  I have people always asking me to take out little lines and wrinkles (which I can and do), but seriously, folks, we can’t all look 15 forever.  Why would you want to?  Be proud of the skin you’re in.  If you’re dissatisfied, exercise and eat right.  Even one woman who is concerned because she has put on some weight looks fantastic.  She has a beautiful smile, perfect teeth, and great skin.  So all you ladies out there with bad headshots on your cards and websites, go find a good photographer (me, perhaps?) and have them take a nice, well lit, picture.  Do it now!  Then go lose weight or grow your hair out or whatever will make you happy with your look and have a new one done.  It’ll be a great before and after, plus you won’t be sporting that poorly cropped picture from your sister-in-laws birthday party 5 years ago.

And on a quick little note, most everyone looks better from a slightly higher angle.



~ by rebeccaclaire on January 16, 2009.

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