Nate and I are participating in our usual cross-country holiday extravaganza with a twist. We did a stop in Georgia so mom could finally have that Christmas ON Christmas at HER house like she kept asking for. We still have the Cookeville/Smithville/White County triumverate since we are currently in New Orleans after a midway stay over in Birmingham. It’s been a fun trip. Mom was über excited that she warrented Actual christmas at her house this year. The Birmingham relatives are always fun and hilarious!

When we got to New Orleans, we stopped by to visit Trisha & Daniel’s prewedding get together and the went off to bed for a good night’s rest. Saturday we walked just a few blocks to their friends’ house which is a fabulous 3-story home with a courtyard. I photographed Trisha getting ready while Nate hung out with the guys. Then they had a super small, short and sweet ceremony with family and closest friends. If you don’t know Trisha, one thing you quickly learn is that she LOVES a good party. After a few quick group shots (Daniel HATES having his picture taken and they both prefer casual candids), it was party time! Many more people were invited to the reception which included a special song sung by one of Trisha’s dear friends, a 3-piece jazz ensemble, plenty of wine and fabulous food. The party ended with a second line around the block and then reconvened at the hotel bar down the street.

Nate and I had considered heading home today, but we had such a good time and there is so much more to see (and eat). Yesterday we happened upon Coop’s Place for lunch. It looks like a total dive, but the food was great! We went back for a midnight snack. The locals at the wedding were very impressed we found the place. Today we tried Maspero on a recommendation. It was pretty good. The jambalaya was great, but the red beans and rice was so bland no amount of hot sauce could save it (I think it absorbed and neutralized the heat). We then strolled around the French Quarter looking at art and watching the tourists. We did make a few purchases and felt more touristy the more bags we carried. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee. YUM!!!

We got totally sucked into an import store and bought a cool Indonesian mask. Then we wandered through a flea market. It was really cold today and my t-shirt just wasn’t cutting it. We said hi to Jack, a paper cutting artist we bought prints from last night as we hurried back to the hotel to get a jacket.

Now we are lounging while we wait to hear from Trisha and Daniel about the dinner plan. A big group is meeting at their favorite restaurant in the city, a Vietnamese place across the river. I’ll post some photos as soon as I can.


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 28, 2008.

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