Claire’s “Oh Snap! Dip”

OK, so let’s say you are getting ready to go to a party for a friend and you need an appetizer. Usually I would take my fabulous hummus, but let’s say I’m gathering my ingredients and can’t find the garbanzo beans (the key ingredient). That’s when we get creative and make up (on the spot no less) “Claire’s Oh Sh!t Dip” (feel free to rename it to something a bit more family friendly). First go to the pantry and fridge and find items that would go well together, then throw them all into a blender and there you go. We had tofu that Nathan won’t eat and a ridiculous number of jams open in the fridge which is where this recipe began to take shape…


1 small blender/mixer/food processor type machine

1 package of Tofu (I used extra firm, it blends up smoothly. soft would make a nice creamy spread. If you hate tofu, which really you shouldn’t because it has no flavor of its own and makes a great healthy base, you could substitute cream cheese or sour cream)

1-2 spoonfuls of Feta (ricotta would probably do. Just something to give it a kick)

1-2 spoonfuls of Jam (I used apricot jam because the peach jam lid was too tight. Thanks Nate!)

Enough Cinnamon (there’s no such thing to me, but I think I may have used too much. Maybe)

A dash of Nutmeg (or more if you like it)

A sprinkle of Cumin (again, for that kick)

Another sprinkle of Ground Ginger (did I mention kick?)

Like I said, just throw it all into the blender and mix until smooth. Then put it into something pretty (or a mason jar if you’re transporting it and threw out all of your #5 plastic tupperware) and away you go. I think Ginger Snaps would have been great with it, but sadly, all I had was the flat bread I wanted to use with my hummus. People ate it anyway and told me it was good. Also, be careful where you take it when divulging the ingredients. I’m surrounded by Tofu-haters, so I generally leave that little tidbit out until they have already admitted to loving the dip (HA!).

Here’s a little twist to make a savory dip (that goes great with crackers or bread) rather than a sweet one:

replace Jam, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, & Ginger with Garlic & Basil and save a pretty basil leaf to put on top. Keep the Feta though because “Feta makes everything betta.” šŸ˜€ Happy dipping!!


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 24, 2008.

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