Why I love Photoshop

I remember in the early days of digital (and continuing on into the present, but not quite so strongly), people would complain about photoshop and how photographers were using it to enhance their images. I never took it seriously, having gone through plenty of photo-history as a requirement for my major in college. I mean, really, people have been using post techniques to alter their images since the invention of photography. I love to use the Ansel Adams line (since everyone knows who he is and many believe he did everything in camera), “Ansel Adams spent as much time or more in the darkroom as he did behind the lens.”
Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941

This is Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941

It’s a pretty famous print, so we studied it. Did you know that it’s not really a moonrise? Nope. Mr. Adams used post techniques to combine images into the one he wanted. Pretty neat, Ansel. Of course. He had to do it in a darkroom surrounded by nasty photo chemicals. Photoshop is a little more health-friendly. Well, it’s not so great on your eyes if you have a CRT monitor, but the newer monitors are supposed to ease that as well. So I suppose we modern digital photographers have it pretty darn easy.

Anyway, all of that lead up was to show off my mad photoshop skillz. šŸ˜‰ Nate has been WAY too busy to get work done on my HUGE pile of images I’d love to have photoshopped for my portfolio. I know, I know, I can do it myself, but in photo school, I would shoot, process the film, print a proof sheet (where you lay your entire roll of film down on a single sheet of paper and then print it all at once and get lots of teeny tiny images that you can use a loupe to get a better look at but generally give you an idea of what you have.) then take a quick look, perhaps circle my favorites, reload the camera and start again. I only printed full-sized prints when I had to for class. I love the shooting part, not so much on the printing and processing part. But to show you all how good I am at sucking it up and doing my own Photoshop work when I must (or when I really want an image to show off), I am posting a before and after. This is a shot from the Juliette Atelier shoot, and you may have seen the original shot already, but I actually had fun playing with filters and what not, so here we go…Melodie is just too sweet!  And pretty!  And easy to work with! Before.
After. What do you think? While I love the warmth of the original, I am a huge fan of grain and contrast. I hope Nathan approves (he’s so picky).


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 23, 2008.

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