Still working… I swear we’re closed for the holidays! ;)

OK, so I told a few folks that we were closing from December 19th-early January, but you know how it is. I can’t take any more Christmas print orders, but I’ve gotten several print orders to fill in January that I could go ahead and work on, but before that, I really should catch up on editing… So that’s what I’m doing on my first day off (ha!). I have been so productive, though. I edited two shoots for EvaMag (look for those in January’s issue) and the images from Above the Rest’sValentines shoot (gotta love the ad world). Now I’m editing the Knoxville Jewish Day School’s performance of The Jungle Book. It is too cute! These guys are just adorable. And the play was very good. I was impressed. They sang and danced and remembered their lines (these kids are all 4th grade or younger).

Well, it looks like Bridge has finished reloading (we had to take a pause to rediscover our ram cache. FUN!), so I should get back to work, but first…

My birthday was awesome! I’ll try to get some shots uploaded asap (they’re all on my phone so it’s tricky. I didn’t take the big camera since I was planning to drink a ridiculously huge margarita). I had nearly 30 people show up at Soccer Taco! I felt so loved. About half of them joined us for bowling (where we all collectively sucked). My mom came up and was my DD. It was good times. 🙂 Nathan’s cousin had her baby yesterday too. It’s weird because she and I already share a birthday, and now her baby shares as well! It’s the Winter Solstice, longest night of the year, really, can you get any better. My college boyfriend is also expecting a baby any minute (or already has one. He hasn’t updated his facebook, and we aren’t really “tight” so I just have to wait with the rest of the world). This is a busy baby season, I guess. I found all kinds of friend with December and early January birthdays this year. I guess those April showers keep everyone inside and looking for something to do. 😉

And back to work!


Leigh Hoopes of Brandt photography and Linda (who is a little camera shy) at the Western Ave Strike & Spare.  Check out those swanky new lounge seats.  Yay!

Me, Aly & Elizabeth at the new and improved Western Ave Strike & Spare.

Linda, Sarah Carroll (event planner extraordinaire with Envisions by Sarah), JD (oral surgeon), and Scott (fabulous photo assistant and fellow CHS grad) at Soccer Taco.

Linda (with Elegant Essentials in the Gallery Shopping Center) & Carolyn (Marketing Diva with Keystone Consulting Group), two of my REO sisters.


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