My own personal fail blog

On the way home, I was in charge of holding a way too big stack of leftovers. We were rounding the turn less than a mile from our house, when suddenly the tower started to tip. I yelled a few choice phrases as I tried to shift the bottom to free a hand with which to grab the top. Alas, it was too late. What fell? Only a poorly sealed Sesame Chicken with one piece of chicken and a whole lotta thin but sticky sauce. Where did it fall? Why, all over Nathan and his dry clean only jacket (one of 2 dry clean only items he owns). So he had to drive one handed in a stick shift. Fun. Then we arrived at the house, and I ran in to get cleaning supplies while Nate assessed the damage. What did I find? That the cats had tipped a large trough of dirt and newly planted garlic. Where was this? On a table they have never been allowed on (in fact, they have been fussed at before for attempting to get on this same table). Well, now all over the kitchen floor. So Nate cleaned himself and his car while I cleaned the kitchen. We couldn’t let Alfred in before the dirt was cleaned up or we wouldl have a grander mess. We couldn’t clean the mess before the cats got fussed at or they would have no clue what the fussing was about. It was fun. And by fun I mean sucked. Now I must sleep.


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 5, 2008.

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