School lunch

This is fascinating.  I always knew those maxipad pizzas were bad.  That’s why I had cookies every day.  😉  I think it’s awesome that people are finally taking the time to feed our kids healthy food.  I wish we had this kind of school food when I was in school.  I might have eaten lunch in the cafeteria.


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “School lunch”

  1. My fave (read: ironic) school lunch in high school was:
    Breadsticks with marinara sauch, tatertots with ketchup, and buttered noodles. And of course chocolate milk (made w corn syrup). – 3 grain, 2 veggies, 2 dairy – a balanced meal!


  2. In Boise, Idaho, where I live, I have been working on a school lunch initiative with other parents and concerned community members. We brought the film ‘Two Angy Moms’ to our city in October and had around 60 people in attendance. After the holidays are over, we are going to continue efforts working with the school board to change the contents of our school lunches so that ALL children have healthy food to eat during lunchtime and breakfast at school. There is no reason why our children should be eating chemically-filled garbage which doesn’t support their nutritional needs to give them the ability to study, focus, learn, run, play, and develop. The food our children eat, by and large, is the culprit of so many increasing health problems in our country – obesity, Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, and many others.

    If we began to replace processed, additive-containing foods with local, fresh, homemade, organic foods our children would reap tremendous benefits – we’d start to see test scores rise, academic and physical performance improve, positive changes in mood, focus, and attention span, and our children’s bodies would realize better health conditions and help avoid the onset issues that are plaguing them (and should not occur until much later in life). Many people say it cannot be done without raising the cost, but many school districts in the U.S. have already done it with current funding allocations as shown in the film ‘Two Angry Moms’ (

    Visit Agriculture Society ( for more information about sustainable living, nutrition, health, and school lunch changes.

    -Raine Saunders

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