Traditional Thanksgiving Drink

OK, it’s Thanksgiving and you’re reading my blog.  That means that either your totally addicted to my brilliant musings or you’re not having a fabulous time with the fam.  In case of reason number 2, here is a drink that is sure to make your Thanksgiving fly by (please arrange for a DD)

Thanksgiving Margaritas

1 Can of Limeade (I just use the generic brand, but you can get fancy if you want)

1 Lime worth of zest

1 Lime worth of juice (yes these can be the same lime)

1/2 Limeade Can full of Tequila (or a full can for “extra spicy” margaritas)

2 Shots of Triple Sec



You can make this in the blender for frozen margaritas or just mix it all up and serve over ice.  I don’t salt my glass, but if you want to, you’ll need some salt (duh).  So, here comes the hard part.  Dump all of the ingredients together into either a blender or a pitcher (or a really big glass if you’re a nut job and want to drink this all by yourself.  Please have a puke bucket nearby because you will get sick.  It’s friggin’ tequila, people.)  Blend or mix until it looks right.  Drink.  Enjoy your holiday.

Some additions that I’ve found to be delightful:

Orange Juice

Pomegranate juice or liquor

Oh, hell, any old juice will do if you’re looking to make something a little different (or disguise your drink from Granny.  Now, I don’t have to disguise my drink.  My Granny is the one giving handles of bourbon for Christmas.  Go, Granny!)

I’ve digressed.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be tasting the recipe while blogging.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  (oh, this could also be known as the Thanksgiving Diet.  Drink too many margaritas and you won’t have to worry about that extra 5-10 pounds of turkey weight.)


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 27, 2008.

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