Free Goldfish

Nathan is driving me nuts!  I ended up with some goldfish from yesterday’s shoot.  I have no way to care for them, but I don’t want to mass murder them in the toilet.  I didn’t choose to have fish, but here we are.  What am I to do.  I have offered them to everyone I have seen and no one wants them.  What do I do with these fish?  He thinks I’m allowing them to die slowly from neglect.  I’ve fed them, and put them in a container.  Would anyone like a goldfish (or 20)?  My two main concerns are that Nathan will euthanize them or Rupert will “free” them (into his belly).  I’m afraid they’ve gotten overfed, because Nathan thinks I’m not feeding them so he encouraged Adam to feed them.  Poor fish.  I mean, they’re just fish, they shouldn’t be too hard to care for.  But we have very sneaky cats, and one is a ninja who kills small creatures (or mostly kills them and then leaves them in the middle of the floor for us to find).  So please, someone adopt these fish.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 26, 2008.

One Response to “Free Goldfish”

  1. Poor goldfish. Hope someone will adopt them soon. Good luck

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