I had to pay bills today.  Well, I didn’t HAVE to do anything depending on the outcome I was looking for.  My preferred outcome is to keep my house, car, and utilities (of course, we haven’t turned on the heat yet, so that bill was delightfully low).  I don’t know why I want all of these things, since I hate dealing with paying for them.  But I don’t hate it enough to give them up.  So, I had to pay bills today.  I am going to the bank tomorrow.  To put money in.  That’s my favorite thing to do at the bank.  I hope they’re open tomorrow…  Paying bills always makes me wonder why I do it.  Wouldn’t I be just as happy in a little cave somewhere with a garden.  Or just hunting and gathering.  I read that the hunter/gatherer lifestyle was actually very leisurely.  Where would I hunt and gather, though?  People are awfully touchy about you gathering on their property.  I think the government is about the same.  That leads me back to my little house and fuel efficient car.

I would miss photography if I gave it all up for the cave lifestyle.  I suppose I could put solar panels outside the cave and work that way…  But once I do that, I’m back to where I started having to deal with AT&T (who have been very pleasant, but I keep having little issues with billing) and earning enough to pay for things like DVDs.  Then I’d need a climate controlled, safe area in which to store my disks.  And now I’m back to where we started…

I guess I’ll continue to wait for the zombie apocalypse (which may happen on my 35th birthday, the Mayan “end of time” date).  Then the point will be moot.  Nathan’s big fear is that I would be eaten trying to “get the shot,” but I think my sense of self-preservation is too high for that.  I’m a wedding photographer, not a war photographer for just that reason.  Until then, I suppose I will continue to pay my bills.  Sigh.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 25, 2008.

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