Dora & Gyll

Dora’s mom, Joy, was my second grade teacher.  My little brother was one of the original thirteen children at their school, The Atlanta School.  After I moved back to Atlanta, I began photographing the school portraits for The Atlanta School.  I knew Dora’s little sister, Bekah, since she was my little brother’s age.  Somehow, in all that time, I hadn’t gotten to know Dora.  Something tells me it might have been because she was living in Africa where she met her husband, Gyll, who is from Congo.  I’m so glad I got to meet Dora & Gyll.  They had already had a ceremony in Congo with Gyll’s family, but they wanted to celebrate their marriage in the U.S. with Dora’s friends and the family members who hadn’t been able to go to Congo for the wedding that summer.  Today is their fourth anniversary, and I just wanted to share some of their pictures and wish them a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!  


It was a wonderfully sweet ceremony in Joy’s backyard.


That would be Joy on the left.  I think they have to claim each other.  🙂


Dora & Gyll went straight from the ceremony into their first dance.


And continued dancing for much of the afternoon.


While there wasn’t an official “wedding party,” Bekah performed many of the duties of a maid-of-honor.  She also made sure the family history table was all in order.


Because Joy runs a school, they were very creative in making sure the guests (many of them children) were well entertained.  This table also had scrapbook page materials.  The children made pinch pot candles to provide mood lighting as the afternoon faded.  Guests were encouraged to take one home.  I still have mine!


They took care of the food themselves.  It was a beautiful arrangement of seasonal snacks, fruits, nuts, and little cakes.



What do you do when you spend the day dancing?  Lose the shoes!


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