Christina & Tomo

We drove out to Dallas for Christina & Tomo’s wedding.  I can’t believe we’re already at anniversary #3!  How time flies!  They now have a beautiful baby girl and another one on the way!  They are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  I still haven’t met the kids, but I’ve seen pictures, and wow!  What a cutie (well, the first one is, the jury is still out on the one in the oven.  I’m sure we’ll have another winner, though!)  We need to plan a little trip out to the great state of Texas to get in a visit.  
Tomo & Christina laughed and cried during their super sweet ceremony.
Tomo’s brother helps out.
Their ceremony was outside at the Trammell Crow Center in the Sculpture Garden at the Arts District Banquet Center.
They moved inside for the reception.
Aija Restaurant catered.  The grooms cake was just amazing!
They had a cute slide show at the end of the reception.
One thing that always cracks me up about these guys is Tomo is a photography enthusiast.  Christina calls me every so often to ask about the new pieces of camera gear Tomo is hoping she’ll let him buy.  Almost always, I side with Tomo.  Sorry, Christina!  Everyone needs a macro lens and an external flash and a zoom and anything else B&H sells.  His pictures are great, though.  And I get my cute baby fix every time they send me the latest.
Anyway, I digress.  Christina in her infinite sweetness, wrote me a great testimonial.  Just look below to read how awesome she thinks I am.  🙂  Well, I think you guys are awesome too!!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
Describe your favorite picture.
An in the moment shot of the bride and groom dancing and laughing. The angle was slightly different from conventional shots and captured the happiness perfectly.
How did the photographer get pictures without being disruptive? Was the photographer equally good with posed photos and action shots?
Disruptive? I barely noticed she was there. The action shots were incredible and even our posed photos looked a lot like they weren’t posed.
What did you order in the way of prints, photo albums, etc.? What packages did the photographer or studio offer? Was there an engagement session included in the price?
I did not request an engagement session, so would not be able to answer that. For the most part the package included prints and an album and was reasonably priced.
How did the photographer help make you and your family comfortable with posing for pictures?
She was very professional. Offered some suggestions when the group was lost for pose ideas but kept everything light and to a minimum

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  1. […] in Dallas in August, I also got to visit my friends Christina & Tomo. You may remember their awesome wedding. Well, since then, they’ve had two beautiful girls, and I hadn’t met either of them […]

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