Um, Arkansas, WTF!

WTF!  That little link takes you to a page with information on a new law passed by 57% of Arkansas voters.  It denies homosexual couples the right to adopt by denying cohabitating, non-married, sexual partners the right to adopt.  Since gay couples can’t get married, they can’t fit the profile of people with the right to adopt OR FOSTER!!  This was already thrown out by the courts.  Who would rather children be in state homes, which are overfilled, rather than in a loving environment with two people who would care for them as individuals?!  I think Arkansas is a beautiful state.  I have many lovely friends there and have enjoyed every visit.  But seriously, people.  You’d rather children in a group home?  WTF!


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 10, 2008.

One Response to “Um, Arkansas, WTF!”


    Just as a note. People are coming around. This is in Florida where homosexual couples can foster but not adopt. I just can’t imagine denying children a stable home.

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