Wedding Day Photo Advice

As a photographer, here are a couple of words of photo advice.

If you want to move straight from the ceremony to the reception, think about taking all of the portrait shots before the ceremony. Your photographer can stage a special moment where you and your fiancé see each other for the first time. You can do your couples shots and take a few minutes just to talk and laugh and sneak a few early smooches. This is a great idea of you think you are going to be nervous! Seeing him might be just the thing to calm you down.

If you would prefer to not see each other before the ceremony but still want many pictures in various locations, consider scheduling a post-wedding portrait sitting. You can spend several hours with your photographer traveling to find the best locations. An added benefit to a post-wedding sitting is that you won’t be as concerned about the dress. As soon as the session is over, you can take it straight to the cleaners to be preserved.

Some couples choose to schedule a break between their ceremony and reception. You can use this time to do an extended shoot of just the two of you or include your entire wedding party. Usually this is a 2-3 hour block, so be sure to think of something to entertain your out of town guests. Providing a list of local attractions that can be enjoyed in a shorter amount of time is always appreciated. Be certain to let everyone know in advance that the party does not start immediately following the ceremony so your guests are prepared.

Bridal portraits are a great way to see how you’ll look in your wedding ensemble. Schedule the shoot for the same day as your hair trial and don’t forget to talk to your florist about getting a stand-in bouquet. During the session, you will see how it feels to move around in the dress and if you need to make any changes to the fit. You will also see how everything looks together and if you need to rethink your shoes, jewelry, or hair.

An Engagement session allows you to see how you and your fiancé will interact with your photographer. It will give you a feel for her shooting style and what to expect on your wedding day. It will also help your photographer get to know you better, and a good rapport helps make great photographs.

Be sure to hire a photographer who shoots in a style you like. Even if you love your best friend’s photographer, if you want more off-the-cuff candids and he specializes in staged fashion portraits, you may still want to shop around before making that final decision.

Communication is key. Photographers are not psychic (sadly), and we need to know what you want. If you must have a picture of all of your sorority sisters, be sure to include that on your list of must haves. Your photographer is there for you. Let her know up front if you don’t want to break for an hour long shoot before heading to the reception.

Pick a photographer you like. That doesn’t just mean liking her pictures; you need to like her, too. This is the vendor you will spend the most time with on your wedding day. She will follow you everywhere. If you find her irritating today, you will definitely find her irritating on your wedding day! You may not need a new best friend, but you need a photographer who will get along with everyone and make great images at the same time.

Claire Presnall

Rebecca Claire Photography


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