The Sex Lives of Cannibals

My book club alternates between serious non-fiction like The Omnivore’s Dilemma, serious fiction like Ishmael, and totally silly and fun books like The Sex Lives of Cannibals.  I generally suggest the serious books, but I really enjoyed this one.  I enjoyed our last fun book Eat, Pray, Love which several people thought was sad, but I found incredibly uplifting and inspiring.  What am I learning?  I should read more fun books. The Sex Lives of Cannibals is hilarious!  I picked it up at McKay’s the other day along with a fabulous pile of free books and some not free books.  We proudly sauntered (as best you can saunter in a 2000 Camry) home where I immediately began finding homes for our new treasures (including a 1941 copy of Emily Post’s etiquette book.  Don’t tell my mom.  I just bought it because I thought it was fun–and free (so I guess “bought” isn’t the appropriate verb here).  I’m not so good at the etiquette thing.  Although I don’t think I would make a total ass of myself at dinner with the Queen.  I do know which fork to use and to never put my napkin back on the table.)  I also immediately got fussed at for “hiding” all of the new books (which I turned sideways so they would be easy to find, thank you very much).  After retrieving several books (i.e. taking them completely out of order in the middle of the “home-finding” process), Nathan settled in with one of his books on the end of the couch next to the lamp.  

Allow me to digress for the moment…  We (or I should say I) are a very cheap household.  I refuse to turn on the heat until it is unbearably cold in the house.  I get vetoed more quickly in the summer with the A/C.  We have little plug in oil heaters (not the kind the you put kerosene in, but the kind that have oil in them and they heat up and make a toasty room.  They look kind of like radiators on wheels.)  So, our house is a bit chilly.  Except for Nathan’s office which is unbearably hot during the summer while we figure out a way to vent the heat from his computer set up.  I don’t think the afternoon sun beating down through the window helps either.  We don’t really use the heaters much.  Instead we dive into our stockpile of blankets (there are a lot of them) and bundle up.  Or just hide out in Nathan’s office which is the most comfortable room in the house at the moment.  Also, socks are a good thing.  I should learn to knit them…

Ok, back to the story…  Nathan was all cozied up on the couch with Alfred (our very stinky dog who desperately needs a bath but hates them.  Plus it’s too cold for baths, and he’s not amused by the hair dryer.) with a blanket up around his chin and his book in his lap.  He may have had some hot tea, I’m not certain.

Another quick digression.  Nathan has been even more into serious books than I have lately.  Everything he reads is some step on his spirit journey.  No silly fiction for my man!

Back to Nathan on the couch (again).  I come trouncing down the stairs, book in hand, looking for a warm spot to read.  Spying Nathan (my personal heating element) and Alfred (foot warmer extraordinaire) so conveniently cozied up with a blanket, I immediately wedged my butt in there and tucked my feet under the dog, and the rest of me up against Nathan.  I figured he didn’t need to move his arms more than a page turn.  After a bit of wriggling, everyone was all settled in.  I cracked my book and began to read.  That’s when the real trouble started.  It had been nice and silent down there.  A really great place to sit and enjoy a serious book.  But no more.  The Sex Lives of Cannibals may be the funniest book ever written (although there are some parts that made me sad, but Maarten Troost tells them in a funny way).  I had barely read a paragraph before the uncontrollable snort, snuffle laughs started.  I was trying so hard to be quiet!  Alas, I am no match for Maarten Troost.  I paused as Nathan cut his eyes down at me.  I attempted to regain my composure.  And then I read another sentence and it was over.  

Luckily Nathan is a very adaptable man.  He has learned to deal with me talking to the T.V. and the way I am able to smack cereal just right so it sounds like I’m sitting on his shoulder, smacking in his ear.  He quickly learned to read his serious book with me snuffle guffawing to his immediate right.

That seems a pretty abrupt end to the story.  We sat and read until someone got hungry.  Then we ate.  Then I think we read some more and went to bed.  Our lives are very exciting.  If you’re interested in learning more about the books our book club is reading, check out my page.  I always put the books I’m reading (which includes the book club books) up there.  Sometimes I write a review.  I also have a virtual book shelf on facebook, but I’ve switched over to goodreads and don’t know if I can combine the two.  I certainly don’t feel like redoing anything.  That’s perfectly good reading time!


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 3, 2008.

One Response to “The Sex Lives of Cannibals”

  1. They could also join the book club!

    I’m about 1/2 way into Sex Lives, (along with “On the Road” by Kerouak and “Cannery Road” by Steinbeck and whatever globalization is supporting the hegemony which is destroying the globe by some PhD for my class) and yeah, it’s amazing. I love how after just a few months there he gets to grumbling about tourists.


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