Wedding Trivia

As a wedding professional, I come across all kinds of neat wedding facts.  People often wonder things like, why do we wear wedding rings on our left “ring finger” and why do the bride and groom not see each other before the wedding.  Well, I’m going to try to clear up some wedding myths while sharing the interesting stories I have learned as a wedding photographer.  Feel free to add any tidbits you have come across as well!

Today we’re talking about wedding rings and why we wear them where we do.

While most couples I photograph wear their wedding ring on their left ring finger (myself and my husband included), there are several traditions where the ring is worn on the right hand.  As far as I know, the left hand tradition stems from the idea that the left hand is closer to the heart.  Also, it was believed that a vein led directly from your third (or fourth if you count the thumb) finger of your left hand to your heart.  In the Greek Orthodox weddings I have photographed, the right hand tradition stems from the idea that Christ is the right hand of God.

I’ve attached a few links with some outside information on wedding ring traditions below.

Feel free to leave your comments about this topic or with other wedding traditions you’ve always wondered about.


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