Buy my stuff for Charity! (take 2)

I have two auctions coming up.  The VSA auction is for fine art prints.  The Montessori Middle School auction is for a portrait sitting (which includes a $100 print credit).  A bit about the Montessori Middle School.  They will serve students in grades 6-8 in a hands-on learning environment.  To learn more, visit their website  To bid on items in their on line auction, or to donate items, go here:  Their auction is from November 10-December 7.  I know they are also currently enrolling students for next year.  If you know of anyone looking for a great private school, this is a great one!

My friend Bailey Earith with Bailey Fiber Art and I have several items up for auction to support the VSA.   The VSA supports artists with disabilities and brings art opportunities to special ed classrooms.  See items #59-75. is where you go to bid.  Now the only trick is that they aren’t able to post photos on their site, so they asked me to post images of my auction items on my own site.  They have the links for my work and Bailey’s listed, but here are active links for you to click.  To see Rebecca Claire Photography’s auction items or Bailey Fiber Art’s auction items.  This is a great group, and to learn more about the VSA visit their website  Bidding is open until midnight on the 14th, which as we all know, is going to sneak up on us.  This is their first ever on line auction, so please help support this great arts program!


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 2, 2008.

One Response to “Buy my stuff for Charity! (take 2)”

  1. Claire,

    Beautiful. Delicate, striking, moving.

    Uncle Tom

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