Where have all the trick-or-treaters gone?

It’s just past 7:30, and the street is empty!  This is almost as bad as Atlanta.  I went and bought way too much candy, and I don’t want to eat it.  Here is what I got:

Lady bug

Boba Fett

Tinker Bell

Little Mermaid

Fairy & NY Giant


And 2 kids dressed up as kids

That’s not enough to eat all of my candy!  Here I am, all dressed up as Class of 96, and no one is here to admire.  Hopefully Sarah gets here soon.  I think we’re going to Maryville to watch a friend’s band.  Until then, I guess I’ll just knit and read.  Sign.  Halloween just isn’t what it used to be.

UPDATE!  I just got a white ninja and Hannah Montana!  Yay!  I told them to each take a handful.  Candy is for sharing!

Blue (from Blue’s Clues) and a Ninja Turtle just stopped by.  I said a handful and Ninja Turtle decided that meant one for each hand.  Blue wanted to pick his handful.  I want this candy gone!  🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 31, 2008.

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