Georgia & Matt’s Wedding Album

Yesterday, Nathan & I met with Georgia and her mom Carolyn over at Poet’s in Cookeville.  We had a nice conversation over apple cider and mochas about life, home renovation, art and their engagement album.  Georgia and Matt are wonderful clients.  They hired us because they like our style and have completely trusted our opinion each step of the way.  For their wedding album, Georgia’s instructions were, “I want something cool and different and funky.  I want it to be about the pictures and the day, but also about the design.”  Well, that was music to Nathan’s ears.  He took their list of favorites plus the rest of the images in case he needed a series or background shots and just ran with it.  Usually an album design takes about a month, but this one was a 2 month labor of love.  Nathan also went over by 5 spreads.  We agreed that the album needed more pages to properly tell the story, and who are we to confine a story to a set page count!

Georgia & Matt love their album.  Georgia said she shows it to everyone who comes over.  I’m always glad to hear that someone is actively enjoying their wedding pictures.  So often they get put away on a shelf and looked at infrequently.  They love their wedding album so much, they decided to make an engagement portrait album.  See, we got to fly down a day early so that Georgia, Matt, Nathan & I could wander around the Coconut Grove area and take ridiculously cute pictures of this insanely cute couple.  When I finally get around to putting the pictures in here, you may recognize them from my last business card.  Matt is the groom everyone thinks looks like John Mayer.  We had a fabulous time taking pictures that morning and then getting to meet the family that evening at the rehearsal dinner.  This wedding is also the first time Nathan got to wear his favorite wedding outfit (nice black t-shirt from American Apparel and nice black Calvin Klein cargos–purchased on super sale at Filene’s Basement in Atlanta.  I love that place!)  It was just too hot to force him into a dress shirt, and that has become the tradition for summer weddings.

So, without further ado, here is their wedding album design followed by a few shots from their engagement portrait session.  I can’t wait to see where Nathan goes from here (by the way, I highly recommend marrying a designer.  Mine, at least, is always full of fun ideas.)  🙂

A little bit about Georgia & Matt’s wedding.  The venue was incredible!  They had their ceremony and reception at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove, FL (near Miami) Neither of them are really beachy people, despite living in Miami, so they were looking to have a garden wedding.  This is completely possible in January in South Florida.  The Mayfair also did the catering, and the food was amazingly delish!

Georgia’s dress was a gauzy sheath by Carolina Herrera. Georgia is a tiny ballerina, so finding a dress in her size was a trick.  She and her mom flew to New York to find it.  She changed into a fun party dress (more conducive to dancing) for the reception.

Marilyn at Hirinis Wayside was their florist.  All of the flowers and decorations were a photographer’s (and album designer’s) dream.

Hot Brass Monkey kept everyone dancing.  Matt is a jazz trumpeter, so the band was very important to him.  He even got up and played a set during the reception.

They also didn’t want the traditional beachy photos that most of the Miami photographers they met specialize in.  So off to find a “garden” photographer, and what better place to find one than in Tennessee.  It didn’t hurt that Georgia’s family lives in Cookeville.  That’s where Rebecca Claire Photography comes in.

You may also notice their cats Thelma & Louise wandering around (and all over the cover which isn’t in this post because I have to go retrieve the file from the archive.  Why must I be so efficient?!  Sigh).  The hotel allowed them to bring the cats and have them stay in their suite.  Thelma & Louis were also the ring bearers (in a little kitty stroller.  I couldn’t imagine convincing two cats to walk all the way down the aisle on their own.  I know ours would be hiding under a bush or getting into some sort of trouble.)

View the rest of the pictures from Georgia & Matt’s wedding.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Claire!

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