Knitting my life away

As you may have read earlier, I finished my first ever scarf/knitting project while we were in Chicago in September.  Turns out, I was mostly done.  I officially sewed in the last thread tonight.  For you non-knitters, when you add another color or finish off a project, you have long threads hanging off the end (or middle) of your piece.  The proper way to deal with these is get a super big needle and weave the ends of the yarn along the edges and within the stitches.  This keeps things from unravelling.  Anyway, I’m all done with that, so yesterday, I stopped by the Yarn Haven (one of the 2 knitting stores I’ve found in town, the other being Loopville).  I wanted to get a tapestry needle so I could do that sewing in thing, and I was looking around for a fingerless glove pattern (and perhaps some yarn to make gloves that would go well with my scarf).  I got the needle, but no glove patterns really caught my eye.  I did my usually perusal of the yarn bins (touching just about everything) and had decided there was nothing I needed to buy until…

It’s hand-dyed cotton.  It’s knobby and a bit tough to work with, but that’s ok.  As you can see, I’m still a little tight in my casting on.  I’m working on it.  This is going to be a scarf for Nathan.  I have other yarn for a scarf for him, but it’s wool, and I prefer cotton (wool makes me itch).  My scarf is 100% bamboo, which is awesome too.

I think I’ll go work on Nathan’s scarf some more.  Or perhaps start on my bookclub book The Sex Lives of Cannibals.  It’s supposed to be quite funny.  Just picked it up today at McKay’s (along with a ridiculous stack of free books and way more non-free books than I had intended.  Isn’t that the way it always is.)

If anyone has a good recommendation for fingerless glove patterns, let me know!  My arms are cold.  🙂  (plus knitting fingers is intimidating.  I just finished my first ever scarf, you know.)


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Knitting my life away”

  1. Fingerless Gloves!
    I asked my friend who knits if she had any idea, she promptly sent me this link
    apparently they’re the most popular fingerless gloves on the web. according to her.

  2. here’s more
    SLU Kazen: A male version of the same:
    SLU Kazen:
    SLU Kazen: Something very customizable:
    SLU Kazen:
    SLU Kazen: And these are quite involved:
    SLU Kazen:

    No problem on spam commenting. I’m putting these up so other folks can see the links too. Just in case someone else wants to make a pair. Thanks, Elizabeth! 🙂

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