Megan & Josh’s wedding

Saturday was Megan & Josh’s wedding. It was a blast! My friend Claudine came up from Atlanta to second shoot with me. I already knew most of Megan’s family from Ashleigh & Tim’s wedding since Ashleigh & Megan are cousins and grew up like sisters. Their family is wonderful! So sweet and welcoming. Everyone remembered me from Ashleigh’s wedding, and it was like getting back together with old friends. This was my first time meeting Josh’s family, and they were great too! All-in-all it was just a fantastic group of people. Megan and Ashleigh did quite a bit of wedding planning together, and while they were at the same church and reception site, their weddings were completely different and just perfect for each individual personality.

We started the day off with a “first look” at the church. Megan was so excited to see Josh, and Josh just lit up when she walked down the aisle toward him. It was so cute!! After a few practices up and down the stairs and lots of giggly kisses, we piled everyone into a shuttle and headed to Megan’s parents’ house for wedding party pictures. Their house is fantastic with the lake just behind it and a huge rock and wonderful little side garden with flowers still in bloom. Bob and Margaret were so sweet and just told us to go wherever we wanted. This was such a fun group! Even the groomsmen got into the fun (and sometimes the groomsmen are pretty camera shy. Not these guys!) The bridesmaids were beautiful and each one had a different bouquet.

We finished up pictures at the church and then it was time to play the waiting game while guests were seated. Megan was so excited to get down there and marry Josh! It was great. These guys are such a wonderful couple. But before I get sidetracked, I just wanted to say, the flowers were AMAZING!! The altar is up a pretty tall set of stairs and there there’s a tall organ in the back that reaches up to an incredibly beautiful stained glass window. Megan wanted to capitalize on all of the vertical lines, so her flowers were 6-10 feet tall on pedestals of bamboo.

After the ceremony we had only 2 shots, a huge family group with both extended families and a pictures with Megan’s 93 year-old grandfather who is incredibly dapper with his suit and cane. He was quite the hit all night! The reception was wonderful. Megan had a different arrangement on every table and the food was fantastic! The Coveralls played and kept the dance floor hopping. Their goal was a fun, relaxed party where everyone had a great time, and I’d say it was a grand success!!

So, here are a few of my favorite images. I’m working to get everything on line asap! It was just a fantastic weekend for a wedding!


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 13, 2008.

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