Susan & John

Susan & John just had a baby.  They are also celebrating their fourth anniversary.  Happy Anniversary & Congrats!!  Here is their wedding album for your viewing pleasure.







Flowers Atlanta did a wonderful job on all the flowers.





The ceremony was at Chestnut Ridge Christian Church.


If this looks like a lot of family groups, that is because both sets of parents are remarried, but everyone gets along great!  The two right hand pictures are all of the immediate families and all of the parents with the smaller groups along the bottom.  I have had several couples whose parents are divorced and remarried, and most everyone gets along well enough for the wedding at least.  It’s important that parents remember that while they may not love each other anymore, they definitely love their children, so be nice.  These parents should give seminars.


The reception was at Susan’s mom’s house.  They had a wonderful back yard!  On The Border catered, and it was a very laid back, fun reception.




~ by rebeccaclaire on October 9, 2008.

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