My new favorite show

Dexter. It’s a show about a serial killer. It’s awesome. The story is compelling, the acting and character development is fantastic! I don’t want to give anything away, but wow! We just finished season 2 on disk and I’m going through withdrawl. We got rid of our TV (and didn’t have Showtime anyway), so now it’s a waiting game. I have to say, whoever did the casting is a genius! The guy who plays Dexter, Michael C. Hall, was also the little brother on Six Feet Under (another great show). It was odd to me to see him kissing women (he was gay in Six Feet Under), but it’s funny, because both characters were awkward and unsure in interactions with the people they were interested in, and he really sold it. As his characters become more comfortable with themselves, they appear more confident in their actions and the way they carry themselves. I’m afraid Cary Elwes has some stiff competition on my favorite actor ranking.

One thing that’s really fun is watching Dexter’s face. He has that over-malleable face like Agent Smith from The Matrix. Just an arch of the eyebrow makes everything shift. He’s smiles are friendly and creepy at the same time (his cheeks kind of fold accordion style). And those eyebrows! It’s perfect for a serial killer leading a double life. Plus, he’s so likable! You watch him kill someone and then watch him hang out with his girlfriend, and you really want things to work out for him. Season 2 has some awesome character development as Dexter learns more about himself. I think he was more likable (a bit like a lost puppy or little kid) in Season 1, but he starts to take more responsibility for what he is and really do some soul searching. In that search, he does some things that had me yelling “No, Dexter! Don’t do that! You big jerk!” Season 2 is much more stressful (to me, at least) as Dexter does things that left Nathan and me saying “well, I certainly wouldn’t have done it that way” (of course, the big one there is the actual killing people part) like when Dexter isn’t nearly so cautious as we think a serial killer trying to avoid the law should be (like touching things without gloves. Seriously! Is that just a continuity issue, or can you not leave fingerprints on sheets of plastic and garbage bags.)


I’ve also enjoyed watching his sister, Deb. She started out as the kid sister, very unsure of herself. Watching her deal this season with what happened in Season 1 was fantastic! I really liked Dexter and Deb’s relationship in Season 2. It’s much more brother-sister bonding. Having a brother myself, I could really relate (well, sort of. My brother is an accountant, not a serial killer… that I know of…) 😉


So we got rid of our TV this summer and sometimes I think we watch more programing than we did before. But we’ve been very picky on what we watch (I think it’s just Lost, The Office, and Dexter). We also power watch things, which can be dangerous. I have to say, though, I was really excited to see the next season of Lost, but compared to Dexter, it’s just not so exciting. We also, finally, go season 4 of The Office. It’s great and funny, and I’m enjoying refamiliarizing myself with the characters. But it’s no Dexter. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 3 (but please don’t tell me! I want to be surprised.)


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 5, 2008.

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