Taking it easy in Chicago

For the last few days, we have trekked all over the city. Randy took us for pizza and a walk by the lake. With Andrea we walked to a great little cafe for lunch then on to the Lincoln Park Zoo. After the zoo closed we walked back to the lake with a stop at a quiet little lily pond that she didn’t even know existed. We had Vietnamese for dinner and then back to Gillian and Jerry’s to recover.

We have walked more in the last few days than the last month. Today we’re a bit sore. Tomorrow is Gillian’s day off, so we decided to take it easy today. Plus, it’s our anniversary. We want to go on the architectural boat tour, but just didn’t feel like having to stick with anyone’s schedule today. Instead we took a slow morning and played with Cuthbert, their cat. Ate tacos at Chipotle (yes, I know it’s a chain, but we don’t have one in Knoxville and it’s tasty), then bought books at a used book store near the apartment. Now we’re just reading and knitting by the lake. It’s a beautiful day!

I think Rogers Park is my favorite part of Chicago. It’s so peaceful.

Here are some phone photos. I promise to get real photos up soon!


~ by rebeccaclaire on September 23, 2008.

One Response to “Taking it easy in Chicago”

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’ll try to remember to wish that in person next time I see you guys! Enjoy the city. Don’t forget Sue (the gargantuaous TRex) is also a resident. Yay Dinosaurs! Yay happy marriages! Yay you guys!


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