Amy & Dusty take 2

Ok, so I’m still downloading pictures from Amy & Dusty’s wedding tonight. We had SO MUCH FUN!! Their wedding was at Dara’s Garden which is beautiful. The weather kept trying to worry us, but it was beautiful and such good light! I cannot wait to get started editing their pictures!!

Anyway, until then, here are some pictures from their engagement portrait. We shot all around downtown earlier this spring. It was such a blast. These guys are such a cute couple!

Oh, and she walked down the aisle to the Princess Bride Theme. My favorite movie EVER!! (sorry Star Wars, you are stuck at number 2). I know we have some FABULOUS shots. Too bad I have to go to sleep tonight! I’ll probably go take a peek. Of course, Nathan will fuss at me for staying up too late. Oh well. 🙂

One more thing. Thanks to my newest assistant Scott. He did such a great job! He came with us to Katie’s wedding in June and learned the ways of the assistant from Adam (who is great at it!). Scott made sure we got every picture on their list and downloaded all of the cards so tidily. Now that he’s gotten his feet wet, perhaps I will send him off with the back up camera to play during the reception at the next one. Assisting has quite a bit of down time, so if he thinks he’s up to it…


~ by rebeccaclaire on September 7, 2008.

One Response to “Amy & Dusty take 2”

  1. Up to it? I’m definitely up to it. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one!

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