Jessi & Jerry

You’re not going to believe this, Jessi & Jerry planned their wedding in a week.  Actually, just under.  They decided to get married on a Monday, contacted me on Wednesday, we meet and booked Thursday (at the time they were only missing an officiant) and on Friday they had a fabulous backyard wedding!  They are such a wonderful couple.  Jessi is just as sweet as anyone could ever be.  They have 2 boys and a girl between them and the kids are just fantastic as well.  I have to admit, I was expecting a small backyard wedding when they told me they had started planning that week.  Nope!  It was a full blown party with DJ, tent, flowers, fabulous food.  It was everything you could hope for in a wedding.  Most importantly, everyone had a great time.  This is their first anniversary, so I just wanted to send out a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! their way.

Did I mention that their kids are adorable!  And so well behaved.  I was impressed!

The ceremony was so sweet.  I was tearing up myself.  :’)

Lakeside Tavern catered, and it was fabulously delish!

Party Boys supplied the music.  The DJ kept everyone dancing!

They had fireworks and sparklers for their exit.


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 31, 2008.

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