Labor Day

Seventeen of Nathan’s family members (including us) will be eating at our house tomorrow. They are all coming for Boomsday. The menu is Ribs, three or four casseroles, banana bread, pasta salad and corn with some rolls and blueberry-lemon sorbet to top it off. Our fridge is PACKED! Oh did I mention the two dozen devilled eggs? I bought just over $100 of fresh produce and eggs and yummy Amish butter at the little shops on Sutherland plus bags of cinnamon and other spices at the Holy Land Market. The Produce Market closest to Holy Land was super excited to see my 5 dozen Tennessee cage free eggs (honestly I don’t know who was more excited about that find them or me. They are the same price as Kroger organic eggs plus they’re local!!!) and heaping basket of corn and sweet potatoes and other goodies. I spent nearly $70 there. Quite an accomplishment for me.

The there is the big basket o’ squash, fresh cider and a few other things from this huge Asheville farmers market. I stopped at Fresh Market and was sorely disappointed at the lack of bulk items and quickly moved on to Kroger (one corporate conglomerate grocery chain is the same as another) where I bought almost $200 worth of canned goods, dairy products, and ribs (the stuff I couldn’t find at our local markets). I really noticed the price hikes. They aren’t as noticable at the local markets, but I did notice that corn is up to 2 for $1 or $1.40 depending on the variety. It used to all be 3-4 for $1. I found organic milk is $6.50 for a gallon but half gallons were on sale for $2.45 each. Guess which way I went.

Anyway, I spent three hours grocery shopping and plan to spend today getting print orders out and then cooking everything I can prepare ahead of time. I’m actually pretty excited. I like the family and love to feed people (come to my house and it’s like visiting your grandmother. “have you eaten? Are you hungry? Let me get you a snack.”)

I hope everyone has fun weekend plans. I must now get started. Let the cooking begin!!


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 29, 2008.

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