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Current mood:  annoyed

So, I know you all want to share your music with me, but I’m a bit annoyed (not with you, with myspace). I used to have this setting that said “don’t auto play music on other’s pages” which did just that. Apparently it’s been replaced by “don’t auto play music on my page.” Well, I have no music on my page and now every time I go to see what my peeps are up to, I have to scramble to hit the stop button before I get blasted with whatever cool song each person chose to illustrate their current mood or give a bit of insight into their personality. I don’t like having my music selection sprung on me. If I go to a website with auto play music, I immediately close the window.

I like that you can do music (although how this doesn’t violate copyright laws while photographers aren’t technically allowed to play the radio or music they own in their studios is beyond me), but I wish I got to choose whether or not I had to listen to it without scrambling to turn it off.


~ by rebeccaclaire on September 15, 2007.

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