Aluminum Free Deodorant

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OK, so aluminum has been linked to alzheimer’s so we cut out drinking soda from cans (although plastic is bad too apparently, and soda is bad, so we don’t really drink that anyway.  I never drank much soda, but Nate used to go through a case in a matter of days) and ditched all of the old aluminum cookware, but we still smeared aluminum laced anti-stink stick under our arms every day.  So a few days ago I was at Earthfare (which is this really awesome store in Turkey Creek.  If you live in Knoxville, or are just visiting, you should go).  I spent probably an hour in the non-food section picking out new face wash and soap and stuff, and found a whole section on aluminum free deodorant.  I bought the Alba brand (tea tree flavor, I think) and tried it out yesterday.  It’s awesome!  I had a shoot in the morning, computer work all afternoon, lots of time to and from the car in the nasty hot, but the real test was the business after hours.  It was outside!  Seriously, who has a business networking event outside in August?  Everyone was dying.  I foolishly wore 3/4 length sleeves and jeans and had my stupidly heavy purse and a big ass camera.  I was a giant puddle (though perhaps less so than the people in suits).  I figured I’d be a pit-stained stinky mess by the end of it.  Shockingly, I wasn’t.  I haven’t showered yet (we’re taking the day off and I just got up) and I still don’t smell at all!  It’s like magic.  And no aluminum.  So if you’re worried about losing it when you get old, I highly suggest you check out the “health food” section at the grocery store b/c they usually have this kind of thing there too.  So far it’s way better than the stuff I was using.  Of course, don’t let this imply that I usually smell bad.  As I tell Nathan, I always smell good, like petunias (although, I really have no clue what petunias smell like.  They could smell awful, but it sounds nice to say).



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don’t worry- petunias smell nice. as long as he doesn’t say you FEEL like petunias….they are super sticky. i use the only non-aluminum brand they sell at one wallie world. i’ll have check out the rest of earthfare next time for more variety(i was too starry eyed over the vegan muffin section at the time)! sometimes i just forget to wear any anyway. i actaully have started to like a persons natural scent (as long as it’s not to over whelming, like perfume). i really believe alot of that pheromone crap (we are attracted to mates by their smell). i love smelling my man’s sweaty stink! ummm-ummm talk about revving up my engines!!!

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