stupid webhost

Current mood:  excited

YAY!  We’re leaving our old webhost.  Honestly, our site hasn’t had much problem with downtime, our biggest problem has been the e-mail and the customer service.  We’re now paying more, but we’ve found a local webhost (their servers are in Dallas, but they are here) who has promised better customer service.  Nate was initially against the change simply due to the jump in price, but our old host sealed the deal today with their screwy e-mail crap and lack of caring that I can’t e-mail comcast subscribers (I am a comcast subscriber!)  I’m excited.  Hopefully now I won’t be blocked by comcast (I’ve signed up for a personal IP so I don’t have to share it with potential spammers, it was only $1 more), and Nate can delete messages from his inbox, and all of our messages will actually go where they are supposed to go and get to us when they’re supposed to.  Finger crossed!


~ by rebeccaclaire on July 20, 2007.

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