A few of my least favorite things

Current mood:  sad

It’s time to back up the harddrive.  Now I aways back everything up as soon as I put it onto my computer, but then I reorganize, rename, and edit stuff, along with all of that fun color correcting and order filling.  So everything needs a second round of backing up.  I figure since I’ve basically filled the drive (down to about 9 gigs which is less than half of an event, maybe 1 portrait sitting), it’s time to clear up some space.  I’ve burned all of the disks, but now it’s my least favorite part: double checking and deleting.  I hate deleting stuff.  It gives me a queasy feeling to watch all of my stuff going into the recycle bin.  It’s like pulling teeth to get me to empty the recycle bin.  Where is my stuff going?  I know I have it all backed up safe and sound, but I hate to delete any copy of anything.  Oh well.  I need the space.  Where is my 2 terabyte mirrored and striped array when I need it?


~ by rebeccaclaire on July 20, 2007.

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