Road Trip–Week 2

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Day 10: Monday.  We were back in the flat prairies of Heartland America.  It is flat!  They apparently don’t need gas or food either.  I mean, seriously, there was NOTHING to eat.  Ok, there were McDonald’s and Wendy’s and that crap, but that’s not food.  Although, after eating “home cooking” in OK and eastern CO, Micky-D’s didn’t look so bad.  We stopped for lunch at “Taco John’s” (basicall Taco Bell with a little man on the building rather than a big bell and hashbrowns.  Everything came with hash browns–a.k.a. “ole potatoes”).  It took an hour to find this place.  We were so hungry we were dizzy.  Nate had seen the Taco John’s sign about 45 miles before we got there and announced that that was where he planned to eat.  I think he was disappointed.  Despite my hunger, I opted to wait until he was done and then dig out the turkey and stale bread for a sandwich in the car.  I just looked at all of that disgusting meat product and couldn’t imagine eating any of it.  Nathan plodded through 1.5 tacos before giving up.  He got a side of nachos (chips with canned cheese) for the road, and I was content with my stale bread turkey sandwich.  After looking at the map, we decided to book it all the way to Kansas City (a 9-10 hour drive) where we planned to stay with Amy and Stacey.  We were aiming to arrive early enough to eat at the Golden Ox, a steakhouse suggested by Nathan’s dad).  We made it with 30 minutes to spare.  The steak was great, the creamy potatoes were great, the green bean casserole was great, the salad with ranch dressing was great, the service was great too!  Everything was great.  It was weird, though, when we got out of the car and seated in the restaurant.  Nathan and I both felt a little drunk.  Well, kind of a lot drunk.  We assume it was too much oxygen due to waking up in Denver.  We didn’t get to Amy and Stacey’s house until 10, but they stayed up and hung out.  They’re super nice.  Hailie was sick, so Amy was staying home the next day too.  I was so happy to see a bed and to be out of the car!

Day 11: Tuesday.  We woke up in Kansas City with grand plans.  We spent a few hours visiting with Amy and then hit the road for St. Louis.  It was raining, but we were cool with that.  The fact that there were trees and hills and places to eat was wonderful.  We also learned (the hard way) that you should buy your gas in western Missouri.  We ate lunch at a little restaurant with a lunch buffet of actual food cooked at the actual restaurant.  It was great!  When we arrived in St. Louis, I showed Nathan the Lewis Center but we didn’t go into the photo area.  I don’t have the fondest memories of the faculty and didn’t think I should say the things I probably would.  We went to the zoo and got rained on, drove around the campus which is a giant construction zone, noticed that the comic book shop was recently closed (they were still packing it looked like), and ate dinner at Fitz’s.  Nathan loved the root beer so much we bought a 4 pack along with a 4 pack of orange cream.  Man is that stuff awesome!  I need to see if they have a website.  After spending so much time with nature, we decided we weren’t interested in spending the night in a city, so we moved on.  The rain was terrible, though, and we had to stop around 30 minutes outside of St. Louis at a Comfort Inn.

Day 12: Wednesday.  The rain wasn’t letting up and we decided we’d had enough vacation, so we set a course for home.  After eating free breakfast next door to the hotel, we were back off the interstate (we cheated on Days 10 and 11 and used I-70 the whole way).  The rain let up some, but it was dreary all day.  We saw the fastest moving train I’ve ever seen.  We finally decided we just wanted to get home and hopped back on the interstates.  We made it through Nashville at rush hour surprisingly easily.  After stopping for dinner with Aaron, we got home around 10ish.  The cats were happy to see us at first, then Rupert remembered that we left him and got mad so we had to woo him back.  We brought in the necessities, and left the rest of the car packed.  Our bed never felt so good, but we didn’t sleep well because we had needy cats climbing all over us all night.

Day 13: Thursday.  We woke up late and had some breakfast.  We ate hotdogs for lunch, took a nap, read some from “The 13.5 lives of Captain Bluebear” (a purchase at the super awesome Denver book store The Tattered Cover), and have been playing Zelda for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow we may do some work on the house.  Then we head to Cookeville so we’ll be there for Adam’s graduation Saturday.  We’re still technically on vacation, but Nathan has been extremely popular on the phone.  I’m thinking it may need to go on vibrate underneath something…  He told me I’m not allowed to work, so neither is he!



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