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If you read my earlier blog, you know that my dear, sweet, sensible, family sedan Thor was rear ended by a gigantic Chevy Silverado yesterday morning.  Well, I took him by the body shop today for an estimate.  I can’t drop him off until Monday after Allstate does their official estimate, but I wanted to go ahead and start my relationship with the nice folks who will be fixing up my baby.

His bumper is smooshed, the foam under the bumper is broken, the tail lights are broken (but all of the bulbs are fine, shockingly), the insignias are bent (like I really care about those, but while they’re at it, may as well get them fixed too), the trunk lid is completely useless (so we don’t really care about the giant chunk of paint that flaked off since the whole thing needs replacing due to the huge dent and lack of closing/latching), and there are minor scratches on the very back, little, tiny tip of the passenger back quarterpanel (the part that wraps around the tail light).  Other than that, he’s in great shape!

Delightfully, rain is predicted starting this afternoon and continuing through the weekend (stopping just in time to drop the car off at the body shop.  How ironic).  In fact, there were some drops on my way to get the estimate.  The nice lady brought out some super sexy blue sticky plastic to cover Thor’s entire back end.  It’s a really hot look.  It’s also made especially for this kind of thing and won’t hurt the paint on the part of the car that isn’t getting replaced.  Plus you can see my lights and license plate through it.  It’s very clever stuff.  At least it should keep the rain out.

Anyway, the estimated damages are…$2400!  That’s well less than the blue book value of this car in moderately good condition (Thor certainly isn’t in pristine shape after 5 long, hard years of Atlanta driving).  I just spent $1200 on stuff under the hood, so I would be really pissed if they totalled him out.  I’d probably cry when I got the piddly check that wouldn’t pay for a replacement b/c he is completely paid off.  Luckily, that doesn’t look like it’ll be the case (I hope).

All of my camera gear (that was in the trunk) has been tested and still works.  My back isn’t sore today, so that’s a good sign.  Thor drives just fine (although I have a sneaking suspicion that the alignment I just paid for will need to be redone).  It could have been a lot worse.  Plus everyone here is super nice.  I highly suggest an accident in Knoxville over Atlanta (if you insist on having one).  I’ve experienced both, and can make my recommendations with confidence.  Also, Allstate gets great reviews from the body shop, so I’m feeling pretty good about my insurance company (the guy who hit me has Allstate too, so it should be pretty darn easy to get this thing straightened out).  I can tell you they’re dealing with this little incident far better than Statefarm dealt with Nate’s run in with an Allstate customer (Not Nate’s fault, but it still took 6 months to get the repair and another year to get the deductible reimbursed.  It was a big, stupid mess and the reason Nate jumped ship over to Allstate with me).

Anyway, I have 4 proof books from previous weddings to finish color correcting, 2 8×10 to also color correct, 3 portrait sittings to edit and put online (1 of them is that school I shoot every semester, so it’s a bit of a doozie), a set of proof sheets/order forms to prep and mail out (also for the school), a wedding album to pull and color correct pics for my designer, a stack of tax forms to fill out (no, not those taxes, these are the fun forms associated with being a corporation.  I need a bookkeeper.  Anyone know someone who would work for praise and perhaps some homemade cookies?), and a long list of wedding vendors to call and meet.  We’re also taking our first ever vacation a week from tomorrow, so it all has to get done in the next week (which is full of now inconvenient meetings due to Thor needing to be in the bodyshop for 4 days.  I’ll have a rental car if I want, but I really hate rentals.  They’re always those little, tiny, silly cars with no room, no pickup, and no trunk space.  They also usually have manual locks, windows, and no little beep-y button.  I am so damn spoiled!)  At least I’m not trucking it around Atlanta.  Whew!

So, after listing off that ridiculous bit of “to do,” I think I’ll get to doing it!  🙂






dang! craziness.
glad you are ok

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