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So I just recorded all of the outgoing message stuff for the folks Nate does a lot of work with (Tantrum).  It was fun.  I used to temp as a receptionist, so I just used my phone answering voice and they liked it.  I was thinking of getting into some voice-over work, but I’m really not certain where to start.  I’ve had people tell me I have the voice for it (I used to do a lot of calling people for APA and some other folks, so I can definitely do the professional receptionist voice).  Anyway, it’s just another thing to do when I’m not doing photography stuff.

On to other things.  Nate’s birthday was Monday.  I made a fabulous dinner (Nate helped) of filet mignon, scallops, skillet corn, and mashed potatoes and baked the yearly angel food cake (well, I make them more than once a year, but I always make one for Nate’s birthday).  We were both stuffed!  It was great, though, because we cleared out the dining area and could set up a “table” (meaning put 2 tv trays together and sit in lawn chairs.  We really need to get some furniture, but we don’t want to fill up the house with nice stuff we have to protect and move around until after most of the construction is done).  It was nice to eat like civilized people rather than in front of the tv.

Right now I’m waiting for lunch time.  I called some friends (Kate and Devon) to see if they wanted to have lunch today or tomorrow, but no one is home.  Maybe they’ll be available tomorrow.  I didn’t really give them much forewarning.  I hope they can meet me tomorrow.  I think they should meet each other too.  Kate is new to Knoxville (sort of) and Devon and I have been friends for forever.  They’re both super cool, and I think they’d like each other.  

Speaking of lunch, I’m meeting a new coordinator in town on Monday (I think.  We’re still in the planning stages)  I’m excited.  I got my new business cards yesterday, and I can’t wait to pass them out.  I also need to get my printer set back up (we took 2 printers down to Atlanta for that shoot, and I mixed up which was the one that had been on my computer already.  Now we’re having some communication issues, so I got my 2nd printer back from Nate and will be sending the other one with him back to work.  It’s way overly complex for a stupid printer.  I have another one attached to my computer already.  It prints cds but not borderless prints.  So I need 2 printers b/c they haven’t figured out how to do both things in one.  It’s lame)

Anyway, I’m getting hungry.  It’s nearing lunch time.  Nate is in the other room working on an edit job, and I’m supposed to be making invoices only I don’t know the amounts or the jobs.  Instead, I suppose I’ll just play here on myspace.  Fun!


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 7, 2007.

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