Still on hold

Still on hold
Current mood:  annoyed

So, Marcellio came on line and asked me about my problem.  I told him and he asked for the serial number of my computer.  Um, we built it.  Now he doesn’t know what to do since it’s the monitor not the computer that’s the problem and they didn’t build the computer.  I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to restart (which I’ve done several times)

He put me back on hold and the first song playing was “Help” by the Beatles.  Yes, I need help.  I’m now on to tech support.  Oh man, and now I’m back back on hold and the song is “Lean on Me.”  The lady is getting me a phone number and the first phrase that played when I went back on hold was “just call me.”  I’m cracking up.  I hope I have a problem that they’ll understand b/c right now they don’t.  This is dumb.  All I need is a driver.  Give me a link, and I’ll go download it and be happy.

Computers are stupid and evil.  They’re supposed to save time, but I swear between Nate’s problems with computers and periferals over that last 2 weeks and mine, we’ve spent more time running tech support and on hold than actually working.  He was supposed to have last week off but instead spent it trying to figure out why one computer completely died and another one wouldn’t talk to the new periferal so that he wouldn’t be running tech support this week when he had a big edit job.  Guess what he spent yesterday doing.  That’d be tech support.

Now, here’s the deal.  I’m not a huge fan of Macs.  I spent over a year in serious battle with what was supposed to be a super fancy G5.  It continually denied me the “Mac experience” (b/c Macs don’t crash, they simply grey out the screen and give you a nice little note suggesting that you turn off the computer at the power button.  It is in about 5 different languages and has the power icon imposed over it in case you don’t know which button to push.  It also says that it will sit right there and patiently wait for you to do that.  Not to worry, it won’t bother with doing anything else while it waits.)  Nate always gave me crap about that b/c he just hates computers in general.  So do I (I just hated one specific Mac more than all other computers.  Plus I find the Mac attitude distasteful.  It’s a “be different.  Just like everyone else” kind of thing, and I’ve never responded well to that kind of message.)  Anyway, I’m having PC troubles, Nate is having Mac troubles.  All computers are stupid and yucky.

Back to tech support.  Because I bought the monitor at Best Buy, I have to call another number.  They do not have drivers for this monitor on their website (which is dumb) and cannot help me any further.  Thanks Erika (that’s the techsupport lady).  She kept trying to make it all about the computer, but I think I freaked her out with my tech-speak.  I can talk like I know computers, especially when talking to someone who doesn’t, and I don’t think Erika really knows computers.

End of part 2 of the monitor saga.  If this new number doesn’t work, I’m shutting down the machine and waiting for Nate to bring home the driver disks he has at work.  I think one of those might be it.


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 2, 2007.

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