More computer woes

More computer woes
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So we all know that my Rebecca Claire webpage can’t send outgoing messages and hasn’t been able to do this since the end of January.  Well, I’ve been trying my best to get this fixed and continue to get the exact same response from “customer service.”  I give up on technology.  I’m still on hold with the Gateway people (new number.  I think it’ll be the same problem b/c it took me back to the exact same menu.  I’m tired of listening to “Jennifer” the prerecorded lady.  She’s now telling me to restart.  Bleh.

Anyway, here’s my latest communication with the auto responder at myspace tech support.

I cannot send messages.  It doesn’t matter if I am replying to a message I received, or choosing “message me” on a friend’s profile.  I type the message, hit send, and it gives me a choice to return to message, inbox, or profile.  I check the sent folder, my sent message isn’t there.  It isn’t making it to the intended recipient either.  They’re just going away.  I have already received the response below.  It did not help.  I have already tried that.  I’ve been sending messages successfully in that manner since I opened the account.  It stopped sending out messages around the end of January.  Please fix it.


I have received this reply 3-4 times.  It is still not helpful.  This a problem with my actual myspace page not my ability to find and use the message feature.



In order to send a message you will need to click on the users profile you wish to send mail to, then below their photo is a box and the first option is send mail, click on that and a mail message box will pop up.


If this does not address your issue completely, please press “Reply” and provide any additional information you feel is relevant.


Thank you,


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 2, 2007.

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