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So, I’ve been cleaning this week.  Well, more moving giant boxes around and digging through them to find things I haven’t seen in a year.  It’s satisfying and exhausting all at the same time.  Take yesterday for example.  I spent the morning finishing up all the piles of junk in the middle of the floor in the master bedroom/temp office then went for a delightful hour and a half meeting with my accountant.  I got home, and did some dishes and then Nate and I started going throught the ridiculous pile of tools in the middle of the diningroom floor (I left them there that morning after sifting through and organizing all of the non-tool items in that room).  

We sorted tools from around 6 to around 11:30.  We even went through the “magic closet.”  (The magic closet will eventually be a tiny little linen closet but is currently where we have stashed our tools upstairs.  It is magic because you put things in there and they disappear.  You search the closet and then the rest of the house for them.  Sometimes you go buy a new one before you find that the original has reappeared–in the closet–but sometimes you will take one last look and find the hammer sitting there on the shelf where you looked 3 times already.  It’s seriously like the gateway to Narnia and talking beavers are borrowing our tools.)  Going through the closet was like a magical trip through fairyland (assuming the faires are all lost tools you swore you had but had begun to question your memory because it isn’t always trustworthy anyway)

Today is actual cleaning day.  I have a ton of laundry to do plus some dishes.  Then I need to clean the bathrooms.  This afternoon I’m picking up paint from Sherwin Williams so we can paint some stuff tonight.  We’re finally getting some work done on the house and it’s awesome!  I’m so excited.  Perhaps we will reach our goal of finishing the house by the end of the year.


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 1, 2007.

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