Weird things I photograph

So, normally I’m a wedding and portrait kind of photographer, however, I also do a variety of other jobs.  Take this weekend, for example.  I was called on Wednesday to shoot a tradeshow in Atlanta on Saturday.  I did the exact same job last year, so I was able to prepare fairly quickly.  Basically, I shot a mascot, Tearglide, with anyone who wanted a picture and then printed 5x7s on site.  

I learned a few things last year, so this year we brought 2 printers and direct printed them rather than downloading and printing from a computer.  It actually went a lot faster, but we were swamped the whole day.  This was due to the Sean Connery look alike there from 10-12:30.  Everyone needed a picture with Sean, and some folks thought he was the real deal.  He was extremely nice and apparently does this nationwide.

Anyway, I was too busy to think about getting a photo with Sean, but here I am with double-0 Tearglide (the tradeshow theme was 007 because of the year and all of that.  Very clever, those optomitrists)

~ by rebeccaclaire on February 26, 2007.

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