Plumber update

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For those of you who care about my plumbing saga, we got it all figured out Tuesday (I thought).  I talked to the guy, explained to him that I said no one would be there.  He said I’d told him my husband would.  I said, no, I told him that he might could be there in the late afternoon but I would have to call and then call the plumber back.  After explaining this “miscommunication” three times or so, it seemed to get through.  I had to use progressively smaller words and speak more slowly each time.  As I said, I thought we were done.

Well, at 7:45 this morning (a good 30 minutes before we normally wake up, a good hour-hour and a half before I would ever make a business call for fear of pissing off my clients or prospective clients), we get a call from a different guy from the same company.  He wants to come out this morning (I’m assuming around 8 based on the time of the call.  Why else would you call so damn early).  Why would he want to come to our house?  Why to check on that leak for us, of course.

Now, here’s a recap:
Monday, report the leak and get no response.
Tuesday, the saga begins and ends (so we think) and the call is cancelled.
Wednesday, we return to our regularly scheduled lives.
Thursday, we receive a random phone call from the cancelled plumbers about the cancelled service call.

Honestly, I’m tempted to report these folks to the warrenty company anyway, so they know what kind of people are being referred.  The heating people were awesome.  I recommend O’Dell’s Heating and Cooling very highly.  He was prompt, polite, and professional.  I could speak with him in my normal fashion without having to think of smaller synonyms.  Most importantly, we now have heat.

Anyway, back to the plumbers.  I reminded the guy that we cancelled the call two days ago so there would be no need for him to come out.  He seemed a bit confused, but accepted my answer.  I went back to sleep.  Weirdos.


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 15, 2007.

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