More plumber nonsense

Current mood:  aggravated

So, they called Nate again today and said if we didn’t pay them $75, our home warranty would be cancelled.  I called the warranty people, they put me on a 3-way call with the plumbers.  I spoke with Billy this time (before I had spoken with Matthew, the guy who called Tuesday).  Billy claims we never called Monday and that they never spoke to us on Tuesday.  Sorry, Billy, my cell phone call log says differently.  I can get a print out from Verizon stating the days, times, and durations of each and every call made.  You just got busted lying to the warranty folks.

Anyway, I tried to give him an out.  I said, perhaps his phone service wasn’t working properly.  Perhaps the voice message got lost (it happens).  I did have some trouble during some of the calls hearing the caller and they had trouble occasionally hearing me (those usually ended with a hang up and call back).  I said, perhaps Matthew didn’t pass the message on and he should speak to Matthew about that.  Somehow the call was ended in the middle of me telling him (AGAIN) that I spoke with them and cancelled the service call.  I don’t know if we lost the connection, the warranty folks got tired of it, or he hung up on me.  I called back.

Where we stand now: The complaint has been lodged with their complaint department.  They are supposed to call me back  If I don’t here anything from them by the end of the week, I’ll call again Monday morning.  This is so stupid.  Why would these people make such a fuss over $75?!  They’re ruining their reputation with me and everyone I tell, and I know places to complain officially.  This is stupid and I hope it is now dealt with, but I’m not backing down.  They called me a liar.


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 15, 2007.

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