I am annoyed

Current mood:  infuriated

So, we called the home warrenty people about our leaky kitchen sink.  We then called the plumber (Monday).  No one called us back.  Tuesday (today) I spoke with the plumber.  Told him no one would be at home today, but that Nate might be here in the late afternoon and I would call back.  Upon further examination, we determined that the sink problem was probably not covered and fixable by us.  I called the plumber back to tell him no one would be at home and that we would fix the problem ourselves.  Unfortunately, he was already outside.  Sorry for the mix up, I told you no one would be there.

Well, now they said we still owe them $75!!!  UM, WHAT!!  Yeah, for not doing anything and for coming out when we said there would be no one here.  They will get nothing but a big fat complaint to the warrenty company, the bbb, citysearch, and whoever else will listen.  I TOLD THEM NOT TO COME!

Summary, when you tell a plumber not to come to your house and he still does, for some reason he may expect payment anyway.  ARG!!

~ by rebeccaclaire on February 13, 2007.

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