heat (or lack there of)

heat (or lack there of)
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So, our heater is having a little issue.  There are 4 blowers in it and 1 of them is wonky.  I’m not certain of the actual name of the problem, but we had to turn off the gas to the heater.  The guy said he was required by law to turn it off before he left due to a possibility of carbon monoxide.  Fun!

Anyway, he’ll call about the parts Monday, and hopefully we will have heat by Monday afternoon.  This is aparently a very expensive repair, but our warrenty will cover it.  Yay!  Plus, once the repair is complete, the unit should last another 10 years (it’s already about 10 years old).

Until then, we will be huddled under blankets and surrounded by space heaters.  We were going to work more on the house, but our drills are either at Aaron’s or Nate’s dad’s house.  We need to get those back, I suppose.  Plus, it’s just too cold to work.  The repair man let the unit run for about 20 minutes and heated the house to a toasty 60 degrees.  Sadly, in the last hour, the temp dropped back to around 56.

Oh, this morning we also went to a house auction.  It was interesting.  We’d never been to one before.  The auctioneer and 2 helper guys were really working the crowd.  They started at $75,000 and got the final price up to $103,000.  Of course, there was also a 10% buyers fee, so that was kind of lame, I thought.

Well, time to go bury myself in blankets.  🙂

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Boy, I know how is sucks to be in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s in the house!!!! It sucks! And now I’m worried about mine going out!!! I know it’s not working perfectly (b/c I can smell the “gas” smell half way around the house..but the gas company’s “detector” can’t detect it…which is good…in a wierd way…). Space heaters rock! You know…I’m distant about house auctions. At one end you have the “get a deal” opportunist… and then you have the other..the “personable” issue of it. The “I worked all my life to get what I have and there’s no family left (or they can’t afford) to deal with the sum that is/was my life” people. I’ve been on that latter side. And it sucks. I’ve never been to one. And I’d never go by myself. It’s so wierd. I’m now a big advocate of not being a pack rat. Because when you die, the people who remain will just get rid of 95% of it. And it’s hard to get rid of that stuff especially when you loved the person. Anyway… I noticed that the myspace people were working on your account…does it work now??!!

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