bought our flooring

bought our flooring
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Well, there goes our nest egg.  But we’re fluffing up the nest.  We just ordered bamboo hardwood for the rest of the house.  Well, the bathrooms, laundry room (which we have to build), and kitchen will be tile, but everything else is going to be bamboo.  That includes the den.  We’d thought to just have the concrete tidied up and sealed.  Unfortunately, cold feet won out, so no concrete flooring in this house.  Plus, it’s a pretty small house, so having the same floor throughout will pull it all together and make it feel bigger.

Next on the list is paint.  That’ll cost a fortune.  But it will be so beautiful!  Anyway, I’m trying to get Nate to decide on lunch (I’m hungry.  I skipped breakfast again due to bamboo shopping) and then we’re working on our baseboards.  We may be headed out to buy more outlets and vent covers too.  Fun!  🙂  I love working on the house.  Next we need to have the blinds folks come out.  We ordered bamboo blinds to match the floor, but they were discontinued.  Sigh.  So we got a different group to price them, and they were twice as much!  So we’re thinking of going with a different type of blind.  Some sort of wood slat (the cats will destroy anything else), perhaps to match the baseboards.

I am really feeling my age with this whole putting together our house thing.  We also had our color proof from our invitations framed.  It’s beautiful!  The framer did a wonderful job.  He really knows his stuff.  I wouldn’t trust him to make my political decisions, but I definitely trust him to frame art.  🙂  This is our first nicely framed art piece.  Nate said we had another piece of framed art, but sorry, Aaron, your high school art in the plastic frame doesn’t count.  And we’re not counting the huge Andrew Young photos I have out the garage (not the best place for them, but it’s the only place we have) or my thesis project that is currently living in my grandmother’s closet.  I need to sell all of those so someone can enjoy them.  I’m certainly not looking at them.

Ok, off to get fed and then be productive.  I’m voting on a sandwich.  🙂


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